Holy Smokes…It’s In The Bag!

This field of wheat and oats stood…

Wheat FieldAnd then we drove straight through it with Arnie”s John Deere 40 Combine harvester(1950′s) pouring over 5 tons of Winter wheat, Barley, Emmer and Esker Oats into the bin on top of the This “heritage” machine! So much Thanks to Arnie, Adam, Captain Bill, White Oak farm, NESFI, Judith Gillan, Adrie, Ella, Wheatberry Bakery staff and customers, The Pioneer Valley Heritage Grain  CSA shareholders, The Mass Department of Agriculture, the MAIC grant, The amazing community of the Pioneer Valley, The board of PVHG, all of our contributors, Lynn Kendall and the SBASeth and Bethany Seeger and everyone else who has helped. You have all made this possible. To local food and community supported sustainable agriculture!!!  Sincerely,

Ben Lester

Co-founder of Wheatberry Bakery and Pioneer Valley Heritage Grains

Arnie and Adam are Bringing it in!

Arnie and Adam

Thanks to Arnie, Captain Bill, Adam, MDAR, and the MAIC grant for funding and restoring this essential piece of equipment.

What a beautiful haul of winter wheat!

in the bin

We did have to pull a few weeds…pulling weeds

Then we emptied each load into a 1.5 ton bag and moved it into the new grainery!Thanks MDAR , and the MAIC grant and for Funding the grainery restoration!In The Bag!

1Once we had the huge bags of grain inside the grainery we immediately ran them through the clipper fanning mill to remove all the green material. One pass through and the grain was very clean. One more pass through the cleaner and it will be ready to go. Cleaner AdamAdam fine tunes a screen adjustment. Thanks to the MDAR, and the MAIC grant again for funding the purchase of this machine!handful of grainAnd the wheat comes out perfectly clean.Ella eats apple4Thanks Ella for this comic relief! It’s very sweet to eat fruit while the grain comes in.Alice, Adam and BenBack to the fields for another round of harvesting.Adam and Alice2Adam and Alice with headlights on easy into the afternoon.

Yeah!!…golden good winter wheat.Winter wheatMore soon…

4 Responses to “Holy Smokes…It’s In The Bag!”

  1. 1

    Congratulations on all the hard work! Can’t wait to taste the results!

  2. 2

    Thanks! We can’t wait to share them!

  3. 3
    Adam Dole

    Great pictures! Spring wheat came in yesterday…in greater quantity than winter wheat!

    I can’t wait to make fresh pasta with Emmer, is anyone experienced at making noodles?

    Bye for now.

  4. 4

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