Field Day 2009

For those of you who couldn’t join us, a taste of the delightful time we had at the Field Day . . .

Getting readyellabakingpiecrust


Harvest loaves from the spring “Red Fife” wheat we grew here at White Oak Farm, part of your upcoming shares!!!


Ben baked one whole meal loaf (the entire wheat berry ground) and one lightly sifted loaf.  Both were naturally leavened with our  sourdough  culture. The loaves  disappeared in a matter of minutes.  I loved the whole berry bread.  It was perfectly moist, light, and a touch chewy with a mellow tangy sweetness. Heirloom grains like “Red Fife” have a more pronounced flavor, are deeper red in color, and are far superior in taste and nutrition than modern chemical-tolerant wheat.  This wheat is very well suited to sourdough bread baking.

Alina (below) expresses just the sentiment I felt when those loaves came out of the oven!


Before we cut the bread we took a tour of the Granary, and got a sneak peak of all the harvested grains(wheat, oats, barley, emmer and rye). We also watched the Clipper seed cleaner and  Arnie’s 1964 John Deere 40 Combine Harvester in action! Thank you MAIC grant and MDAR.


Perhaps a future farmer…?


Adam and Ben talk grain harvest and more in the Granary…and then onto a presentation from Ben about the 15 heirloom wheats he is growing out from The USDA National Small Grain Collection Germplasm Depository.


Bread and wheat1

Time to taste!

Bread-cutting-1(photo by Jeanine Dargis)

He also let everyone try out our new home stone mill (made by the same German company who made our large stone mill, which is on its way to America!).  The small mill works really beautifully – it is capable of a finer grind than our electric home-sized mill (Nutrimill), and on the coarse setting, it will roll oats.  Woo hoo!  This mill is available from Nova Naturals, out of Vermont.mill1(photo by Jeanine Dargis)

Sewing grain bags, men, women and children!mensewing


We were grateful to have Christian Elwell, of South River Miso, do a presentation on growing rice in New England.


(photo by Jeanine Dargis)

And then there was an awesome local food potluck, music, wobbling, and hayrides.


(photo by Jeanine Dargis)hayride1

(photo by Jeanine Dargis)

So many thanks to everyone who helped pull this together, and to all of you who came out and made it such a pleasure.  And if you didn’t come – well, why the heck not?  See you next time!

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    Linda Farmer

    Thanks, Ben and Adrie, and Adam and Arnie, and everybody working on this project. Sorry I couldn’t be there. It looks like everybody had a great time. I’ll try to make the next one, and I’m really looking forward to my share of the harvest!!

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    Thank you Linda!

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