The Beauty of the Harvest (from Ben)


I want to take a moment here to thank Arnie Voehringer: Master farmer, mentor, farming partner, friend, all around cool guy, and many many things to many many people…too many to name here, but Arnie has taken me and Adam under his wing these past two years and given us so much of his time, and shared so much knowledge, and expertise that we couldn’t thank him enough! In the photo above he is harvesting “Early Riser” corn for the CSA on his White Oak Farm contours which he has so generously planted for the CSA! Thanks Arnie…You Rock!!!Adam_corn1_webAdam planted this corn back in early June and it performed beautifully! These fields are have been maintained so intelligently that no fertilizer application was necessary to produce these huge and productive ears. The crop rotation itself provides most of the fertility needed on the whole farm. Only small amounts of compost are applied selectively to keep things in balance.Corn field_webGetting to work on this beautiful farm with Arnie and Adam this year has been such a blessing I can’t express enough gratitude. Don’t get me wrong…farming is hard work, but when part of team it’s amazing what can be accomplished. Here we are getting ready to head into the field(below).Arnie and Adam_webwagon ride_webThen Adam and I had the pleasure of riding in the wagon while the corn tumbled in…it doesn’t get better!

Now that the corn is coming in we are about ready to announce distribution dates. Stay tuned…!

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