Grain in Hand!


We did it folks!  It took a ton more processing work than we expected (like Ben and Adam at the Granary on Christmas Day, de-hulling oats), but we got a lot of folks their grain shares last Sunday.  Hooray!  First, we crammed every available inch of the bakery with grains, and with some amazing help from my dad and some wonderful volunteers, weighed it all out into the share portions.  I’m not sure if these photos really capture how truly crammed the bakery was, but you get the idea.  (There was hardly even room to walkvolunteers

Then, on Sunday, we opened the doors and most of the first 50 families who signed up came to collect their grains and beans!  (Those who couldn’t make it will have their shares waiting when we re-open next week.)

bengrainshareIt was really incredible to be able to give these shareholders, some of whom supported this project when it was just a crazy passionate brainstorm, their grains and beans!  A huge burlap coffeesack full, in fact!  Below is one shareholder, very excited to mill some wheat to take home for baking.



And everyone got one of the beautiful hand-sewn grain bags, as well.


Whew!  It was thrilling, and also exhausting.  We learned so much this year, and can’t wait for another season to get our new ideas out of our heads and into the soil!  We still have a second distribution coming up later this month, but for this week, the bakery is closed.  Next week we re-open, but here is a secret – Ben and Ella and I won’t be there.  Breads and croissants will still be coming hot out of the oven, but we will be in Montreal!  Magnifique! First stop, our favorite chocolatier . . .

chocolatier(Montreal 2009 – photo by Ben)

We can’t wait, and we promise to show you lots of photos.  Happy New Year everyone.

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    Congratulations on a job well done, and may you have a spectacular time in Montreal! Happy New Year!

  2. 2

    Your family is truly amazing. The things that you have accomplished are beyond what most people do in a lifetime. Glad that it went well

  3. 3

    You’re too sweet Heather! Thank you!

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  5. 5

    This post is awesome! I love the sewn grain bags, such a beautiful special touch!

  6. 6

    Thanks Sarah, the bags are a lot of fun.

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