we thought he was a goner, but . . .


the cat came back!

Today, I was grumpy.  Sometimes, I see myself as if from far away, making myself grumpier but somehow unable to stop.  Today was like that.  Ella couldn’t sleep, so I found myself up with her too late, grouchy, trying not to think about all the things I “need” to do.

One of these items was, “Tell friends and family that the cat disappeared, and figure out how to explain it to Ella when she notices.”  We live in an area with a lot of predators, and with many cats in the past, as soon as they’re out for a single night, they never come back.  We do our best to keep them in, but with two dogs going in and out, it’s tricky.  Our current cat, Little Boy, has been absolutely determined to go out at night.  He will sit by the door and howl like a wolf, even though he’s come back a few times all scratched up.  He has even opened the front door somehow and escaped!

So, when he didn’t come back two days ago, we thought the worst.  Gone.  Hopeless.

Grace is talking this week about finding awe in our days, which is such a wonderful reminder.  Tonight, this was my moment of feeling suddenly, utterly blessed – I was up too late with my daughter, cranky, and then I heard a familiar meowing at the front door.  I practically leapt up out of my chair, opened the door, and there was Little Boy, hungry but healthy!  Alive! Returned from his “cadventure” as Ella says.

Everyone’s asleep now but me, and I am trying to remember to be grateful, to keep my eyes (and ears) open for what is here in front of me.

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    I’m so glad your Little Boy has made it home in one piece.
    And oh how I hear you about feeling grumpy, and how hard it can be to stay open to gratitude and awe.

  2. 2

    Thanks Jen!

  3. 3

    Phew! When we first moved to Canada our cat had a cadventure too, for a couple of days. We thought she was a goner but then Voila! She returned, a bit peckish but none the worse for wear. What a relief when they return to us : ) Lots to be thankful for.

  4. 4

    Of all the animals we’ve had disappear, this is the first to return, and it is an amazing feeling! Have a great weekend.

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