Gratitude Friday

Gratitude for this:

shabbascandlesThe table cleared, the candles burning low, night coming on.

And this:

horsekissThese strong men with gentle souls.

* * *

Some places to look and love:

From Kyce – mourning the oil spill, and How to be an Eco-Housewife Tips - really great.

From Heather at Shivaya Naturals – at last, a “ravelry” for sewing: My Sewing Circle, and she has an amazing giveaway right now.

Have you seen Simple Homeschool put together by the wonderful Jamie?

Donna Ashton is running a great series of workshops (free audio talks by different folks, basically) at The Mindful Connection.

The always wise Carrie has a great post called How Can I Love Staying at Home With My Children?

* * *

Blessings on your weekend, everyone!

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    lovely pics!

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