Gratitude – Curly Had a Little Lamb!


her fleece was white as snow (lanolin-covered snow, that is). Meet Clover, our sweet little ewe lamb, born Wednesday.  My dad was in the backyard putting up fence, walked over the hill for less than 10 minutes, and came back to see a little white lump on the ground – Clover!  Curly surprised us all by having her lamb before the enormous Molly, and is doing a great job as a Mama.


Clover is already up and walking around with the rest of the “herd,” and very tolerant of our love.  We’re trying not to hover too much, but it’s hard with this much cuteness!  Ella, remembering the towel in my lambing basket, grabbed a cloth napkin and proceeded to “dry off” day-old Clover, while Curly watched carefully.



It’s incredible how baby animals are born and then . . . walking and skipping along!  Now, with one eye on the full moon, we’re just waiting for Molly’s lamb(s) to arrive.  Blessings on your weekend, everyone!


5 Responses to “Gratitude – Curly Had a Little Lamb!”

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    Gorgeous! Wish I was there!

  2. 2

    It is so miraculous to see baby animals develop. I think it is a priceless gift for children to experience as well.

  3. 3

    Hooray!!! Welcome, Clover!

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    How beautiful!!!! After giving birth to my second child in February it amazes me how so many mamas give birth on this beautiful earth in the peace and beauty of their surroundings without any assistance, just their own innate instincts. In celebration of ALL mamas and their miraculous offspring! Thank you for sharing this beautiful miracle with which you have been gifted. Welcome, Clover!!

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    I think I’m in love. Swoon.

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