Time for a Break

apronLove her summer cooking outfit – panties with an apron.

With a broken camera (oh that fateful final “click!”), family visiting, and no internet at home, the time is ripe for a blog summer break!  Only for a week or so, and then we’ll be back.  In the meantime, pop over to www.localgrain.org to see a video of Ben and Seth cultivating the bean field with our horse Cole.  Also, sign-ups for the 2010 Pioneer Valley Heritage Grain CSA are now open, and you can print out the form!

We had a fabulous Field Day with Alan and got to see the spelt field just days before it will be harvested.  We’ll have photos and video up very soon from that Field Day.  Have I mentioned that we got a wonderful Sustainable Community Grant from New England Sustainable Agriculture Research & Education (NESARE)?  That’s part of what is making this whole year possible, especially this space here and our Field Days.   So thank you NESARE!


This week, Ella and I will be continuing a pilgrimage through Julia Child’s Art of French Cooking, a wonderfully spattered copy handed down from Ben’s mom.  I’m reading (and loving) Julia’s memoir My Life in France, so it’s only natural that I would cook from her.  Did you know she couldn’t cook a lick until she was in her thirties?

Why haven’t I used her recipes more before?  A mystery.  Last Sunday, with cherries from our Kitchen Garden CSA share, we made Cherry Clafoutis.  I’ve always wanted to like clafoutis, but it’s always seemed soggy and weird.  Not so when you make it at home! clafoutis

Super easy – Clafoutis is basically a pancake batter without leavening, spread half in your buttered hot pan, dump on fruit (any fruit, not just cherries!), then top with remaining batter.  Put in oven.  Devour.


So until next week, folks.  We’ll be out in the fields, in the kitchen, in the lake, and knitting away as furiously as a squirrel gathering nuts.  (Seriously, I’ve got this shawl, this fall hat, this sweater, and more on the needles!  Apparently June tells my brain: prepare for the winter!)  Have a great week everyone!

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    I too was just feeling the knitting urge. So much to do!! You’re farm is so inviting, do you ever take visitors??? We live in the not so glamorous part of the Hamptons and are looking forward to getting away after the busy season when we all need a much deserved break. Your farm looks like it would be so much fun to visit with our two little ones. We have some close farm family friends here but oh, those little lambs! Do let us know if we might be able to visit for a day if we were in the area!

  2. 2

    Thank you for your kind words!
    We’re certainly not set up in any formal way to take visitors, but we always love to show our work and home to visitors. Email me at arbreadrie(a)yahoo.com, and we can chat more!

  3. 3

    we are very LOW maintenance, the grittier the better. i will hold onto your info and get in touch when we get a little closer to vacation time. Thanks!!!

  4. 4

    Enjoy your time offline! My husband gave me The Joy of French Cooking when we watched Julie & Julia. We were laughing at the similarities between me and Julie. Ack!

  5. 5

    Haha, haven’t seen the movie, but I’ve read the book. Do you swear like a pirate, too?

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