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Gratitude Friday

Sometimes, after making hundreds of tomato sandwiches and salads, and putting up dozens of quarts of tomatoes for the winter, you come home to kitchen counters filled with this. And this. Over 100 pounds of tomatoes, some to be used right away (there’s Roasted Heirloom Tomato Soup at Wheatberry, folks!), the rest to be sorted […]

Remember this

She woke before dawn and rushed right to the window.  “Mama, it snowed in the night!” she insisted.  “Put on my snowsuit and let’s go see!” Snowsuit on, we examined the driveway (it was balmy, no snow in sight).  “Let’s watch the sun rising up,” she said, and so we did.  We saw the peach […]


I’d show you more . . . but it’s a present.  From Patchwork Style, which I’m obsessed with.  I have a *lot* of scraps that need a home.

Small Things

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Gratitude Friday – Raising the Roof

Last spring, we started building the wall . . . Today, we erected the frame while Cole looked on in amusement and nervousness, and finished putting the roof on just minutes before the rains came pouring down onto the new dried bean harvest.  Hooray! So much gratitude for all the crew who helped, the incredible […]

Emmer with Basil Cream Sauce

After I mentioned this combination last week, I made it again for family this weekend, and decided that I am officially obsessed with this combination.  Which means that I really need to share the recipe with you. First, I should confess that I’m not a huge basil lover.  It’s a bit licoricey for me, but […]

Gratitude Friday -the Harvest

Head on over to to see what we’re grateful for this week – the beginning of the bean harvest!

Monday Night Menu

Ok, so it’s been quite a whole sine I posted a menu, mostly because I figure it’s not to hard to guess what a locavore eats in New England in the summer.  As in, everything!  Tomatoes, sweet corn, peppers, apples, berries, plums, peaches . . . as much as we can until we are so […]

Gratitude Friday

This week, I’m grateful for many things – the excitement in the air at the bakery with all the students returning to town, delicious new jam and mustards from Patti on the shelf at Wheatberry, our new tradition at home of veggie pizza on Sundays (so good! and so easy), the chance to help a […]