Winter Fare


On Saturday, we got up extra early and loaded both bread decks full of Local Loaf goodness. We filled our racks with cookies, scones, and local bran muffins, and drove with many helpers to enter the fray at the Northampton Winter Fare, put together by CISA. We had a 2010 grain share on display in glass jars, the electric stone mill and oat roller (which are usually on the counter at Wheatberry for customers to use), and bags of grains for folks to buy and mill (or take home to cook whole of course!). It was a great time, and we made lots of new friends. If we didn’t see you there, never fear – there’s a Winter Farmer’s Market in Greenfield on February 5th at the Greenfield High School, and we’ll be there, scones and Local Loaves hot from the ovens, and fresh grain ready to be milled!


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