Once More


Shekinah, grant me
this grace: let these hands
shape dough once more,
let me be the one to light
the morning fire, to stir the pot of soup
with the big silver ladle.
Let me seek the blessings
you have hidden all around us
in plain sight.
Let me bend down once more
to lift the snowy cover
and grasp the crisp lettuce
heads, let me feel that cold
shock, saying You
are alive – now kneel down
and give thanks.

(c) Adrie Lester 2011

6 Responses to “Once More”

  1. 1

    beautiful, adrie. thanks for the reminder.

  2. 2

    wow, thank you, so beautiful.

  3. 3

    so touching. That really resonates with me.

  4. 4

    Thanks Jo! And we really need to get together – it’s been too long.



  5. 5

    Thank you Jenny!

  6. 6


    Thank you!

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