Dear Ella and Baby


Dear Ella and Baby,

On November 5, 2011 the four of us (Baby still in the belly) traveled 7 hours by train to Washington D.C.  We didn’t go to tour the museums or to see historic sites.  We went to make history, by joining over 12,000 of our friends to say no to the Keystone XL Pipeline.  Ella, you rode in the Ergo on your daddy’s back and giggled each time the crowd cheered.  Baby, you were snug in Mama’s belly as we listened to amazing, courageous people speak from all over the country, and then together we walked peacefully to the White House.  Bill McKibben said, “When we first had this idea, we hoped that maybe if everyone held hands and stretched out really far, we could encircle the White House.”

Instead, we stood three deep all the way around, singing and chanting.  We stood in joy and also in deep sorrow.  We gathered in Lafayette Park again, and as Obama’s motorcade drove by, we all shouted together, Yes we can – Stop the Pipeline.

The next day, we traveled the 7 hours home, back to our own small farm and bakery, to our own every day.  Remembering, hoping, and determined, as Van Jones said, to continue to stand in solidarity, and prepared to join hands again,  in “nonviolent civil disobedience and mass arrests along every mile, foot, and inch of the construction route — until it is impossible to complete. August was the beginning of the “people’s veto” of this whole proposal; we will never give up until the very idea of Keystone XL is dead and buried.”

For all of us, that we may have clean water to drink, food to eat, an Earth to live on.

For you.  We won’t give up.


Mama & Daddy

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    Thank you for going and making a difference. I humbly thank you for my family of five who live on the other side of your country and then north into ours. Beautiful. We will make a difference for our children, we need to!
    xo Jules

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    oh my goodness, this made me cry! You are such good people. thank you for what you do, and I’m sending you best wishes for a very wonderful birth.

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    You are courageous.

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    I have goosebumps.

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    Hooray! Celebrating today at this triumph of the people. Thank you for your commitment to helping to make it happen.

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    Thank you from Nebraska. We have been glad to have this issue go nationwide. This is a non-partisan protest with 70% of the people in our area being negative with the XL pipeline placement through the Ogallala aquifer. Wish I could have been there, thanks again to your family for taking the time.

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    I’m so proud of all of you!

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    Hi Adrie,
    Your mum mentioned you had been to DC and pointed me to the blogpost.
    Utterly impressed by your actions!
    Well done – as you said, you helped make history and my baby girl (6 months old) will grow to thank you for it!

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    Thanks so much, and congrats on your babe!

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    Thank you, and so glad we could do our part to help.

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    Thanks Jo, and Eli’s snowpants are in our office hanging up for you.

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    Thanks Tonya! Hope you’re having a lovely week.

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    Thanks dear!

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    Thanks so much.

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    What an amazing letter to your daughter. You are an incredible woman Adrie, and I hope that this pregnancy is full of all the blessings you so deserve.

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    I am so impressed and what a great way to share with your children, through a letter.

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