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Thought I’d share a few of the whole grain dishes we’ve been eating lately.  It’s always so fun to get the new grain & bean share, and to make old favorites as well as some new ones.  We recently started carrying Ancient Grains for Modern Meals at the bakery, and we made the super-delicious Lamb with Spelt Berries dish.  Everyone in our family loved this sweet, flavorful dish.   I really love this book and am excited to make more from it.

We’ve also made Heidi Swanson‘s Baked Oatmeal our official Sunday morning breakfast (beloved even by someone in our house who previously refused to eat oatmeal).  The recipe is on her Amazon page there, so it’s easy to find and try!  (I do find that it takes longer to cook than she says, and for our fresh oats, you need less liquid.)

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    I’ll have to seek out that book since I’m always ready for more recipes to try. A friend recently passed this recipe (http://thelocalcook.com/2010/04/21/golden-carrot-bake-2/) on to me and I substituted some of the emmer/farro from the share in place of the brown rice. It came out fantastic and is a really “stick to your ribs” side dish. My friend even uses the leftovers as breakfast.

    We’ve been using our beans a great deal in bean soups (black bean, three bean, red kidney bean and farro) and I’m planning to try doing more meatless meal nights with bean/rice combos too.

    I’m so not a fan of rolled oat type oatmeal but using the whole oats with the overnight crockpot method you’d posted before, I’m in love. We switch out the liquid (almond milk, oat milk, hazelnut milk, apple cider, etc.) and it becomes an endlessly wonderful breakfast choice. I’ve done the porridge too with wheat berries and spelt but I love it best with the oats.

    I have so much fun finding and trying new different recipes with all the different grains/beans. I often share small amounts of the grains/beans with family along with a recipe to use them so they can see how lovely and fresh locally grown grains and beans can be.

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