Gratitude Friday – Favorites

This month has been filled with so many things, a beautiful baby, a hoophouse cover blowing off in a wind storm, the unexpected death of a young mother who lives just down the street from us, and the kindness and help of friends and neighbors.  Despite all this, or perhaps even because of it, I’ve been feeling blessed, and working hard to keep feeding the good dog.  When I am counting gratitudes, here are some of the favorites on my list.


Ella singing “The Itsy Bitsy Spider” to Gabriel – she says it’s his favorite.

On a day when it’s so cold the tractor won’t start and there’s urgent work to be done, our friend Cole is ready to go.


Freshly shelled and cleaned Yellow Indian Woman beans – Ben grew them summer before last for me and they’ve been waiting patiently in the barn.

Tonia’s posts about Pathways to Peace and the Language of Peace have had a big impact on me, and I also love her recent posts about work and prayer in our homes, and also cheerfulness.

The feeling of a warm soft baby head nestled against my neck or cheek.  Heavenly.

I’m excited to try some of this yarn – organically grown, spun in Maine, and naturally dyed!

Blessings on your weekend, friends.

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  1. 1

    thank you, adrie…

    many blessings and much *rest* to you, soul and body, this weekend.

  2. 2

    Such great things to be grateful for.

  3. 3

    Dear Adrie, this is a beautiful post. I so love the baby turned toward his older sister- how he will look toward her for comfort, guidance and adoration over the coming years!
    And the soft feel of a newborns face on my neck, how I miss that. I have a memory of me and my oldest son on the couch days soon after his birth, sitting there in the quiet evening while my husband put our girl to bed. I can still feel his little face on my neck, his little voice mewing in my ear. For some reason that particular memory sits with me so strong. I really treasure it.
    <3 Mel

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