Tar Sands. Again.


Are you sick of hearing about this?  Because boy am I sick of it – sick of getting petitions in my email every week about another way TransCanada is trying to ram the Keystone XL pipeline down our throats.  Trying to rip up hundreds of thousands of acres of boreal forest and soil and pump them across the Canadian border, across farm lands and the Oglalla Resovoir (good-bye drinking water!), all the way down to the Gulf of Mexico.

This week TransCanada stopped waiting for their permit to build across the border, and just started building the southern leg anyhow, from Cushing, Okla. to the refineries and shipping ports of Port Arthur, Texas. And Obama said he would, “take every step possible to expedite the necessary federal permits.”

Which makes me want to cry, or punch someone, or possibly both.  The least I can do is ask you to join me in calling your senator (look up their number super easily here) and tell them to stand up against the Keystone Pipeline.  That simple – just pick up the phone and tell them to keep saying No.  Because the simple truth is that they want to grind us down until we are too tired to say no anymore.  I didn’t travel all the way to DC 8 months pregnant and with my four year old just for kicks, believe me.

If you care about drinking water, carbon emissions and climate change, corporate control, the Gulf of Mexico being contaminated by more spills, destruction of species, or even the simple right of landowners to keep the land they own (TransCanada is seizing land to build this pipeline under “eminent domain”), call your senator and call the White House and tell them that we insist they must say No. And keep on.  Thank you.


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    Kate Talley

    Adrie, I’m pleased to “meetcha” we have lots in common….ya da yada….I hear you. I called. That is all, thank you.
    Sending love and light,
    Kate Talley

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    Nice to meet you too :)

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    Thanks for keeping this issue in the light.

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    This makes me spitting mad that they have started constructing the pipeline without a permit and just went ahead. We’re in BC and right now we are fighting them as they are trying to push another one of their pipelines through the northern section of our province crossing more than 1200 streams and rivers and right through the ecologically sensitive Great Bear Rainforest which one of the very few coastal temperate rainforest left on the planet. I’ve blogged about it, been letter writing, petitioning and I think the more we share the more aware others are that may not know exactly what is going on. I’m glad you are sharing about what is happening in the US. The more voices we have the stronger we will be :)

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