This week, I sat down to patch some tears in our warm-weather quilt, and noticed that the quilt is not only getting pretty patchy, but the white patches are getting decidedly not-white.  At first this really bummed me out, but then I thought about it a while and realized this quilt has been our main quilt on our bed for about ten years.  Not a bad run for a quilt.  I’ve been saying for years that I’d like to learn to make a quilt, but couldn’t justify such a big project when we didn’t need another quilt.  Well, it would seem that it’s time to start, slowly, working on a quilt.  (I know just the one I want to do, from Last-Minute Patchwork Gifts.)  After this season, I think this blue and white quilt will need a new job as a picnic quilt, and next year, a new quilt will take its place.

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    yay! A new quilt! So what is the pattern?

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    Kimberlie Ott

    I love that you have cared for and patched the quilt, and made your family’s history with it, it is gorgous! To have the desire to create another is really inspired, and to give yourself a realistic window of time, with all the things you have on your plate, well that is smarter still. :) I can imagine it will be beautiful. Good luck~

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    YES, a new quilt!!I love a new quilt,it changes the whole bedroom.Have fun!!!Hol:)

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