Flashback: Bring It On

(I originally wrote this post in May 2010, but thought I’d repost it since this is exactly how these days feel, too.)


Remember that mantra I shared a while back?  It popped into my head today, as I drove to what promises to be a crazy afternoon of juggling many tasks.  What if we saw adversity as an opportunity to use our strength, instead of just a negative?  Like physical labor, we can either take pleasure in using our body (or in this case, our mind and heart), or we can lament how hard it is.  Just an idea.

And now, back into the fray.

2 Responses to “Flashback: Bring It On”

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    Adrie,Thanks for the reminder,I really needed this today!!!! I will succeed!!!Thanks again,HUGS!!!!

  2. 2

    I remember hearing an interview with an elderly woman who lived on a remote farm in Yorkshire, no electricity, no running water, no shops. She said to the interviewer “But we didn’t know then you see.” and the interviewer said “Know what?” , the lady replied “That hard work was bad.” I wonder sometimes when we became creatures only in pursuit of leisure? And leisure supplied by others at that, no creativity required just a credit card ; )

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