Gratitude Friday – Five





Well, what can I say? I’ve missed this space and all of you, but May is super crazed around here, and WordPress was acting funny. But here we are now.
This little man is five months old – almost half a year! It’s zooming past, just as I knew it would. Ella’s first few months seemed to last a lifetime, and next week she turns five years old. Craziness. (In case you’re wondering, do I have any fabulous craft goodness planned for her birthday? Um, no. I have hardly thought at all about the fact that her birthday is going to happen any minute now. Partly because I agreed with her a while ago that I would trade in my cello to get her a violin for her birthday, and partly because I believe in really simple birthdays. We’ll go to the lake as usual with family and one friend, and eat some good food and swim.)
But back to the little delicious boy. Because truly, now that I am emerging just a little bit from my complete tunnel vision of bakery and farming, I can see that I have not shown you nearly enough of his deliciousness. And I want to remember myself – that he is the smiliest baby ever, how much he adores the animals and laughs just when he sees the dog, how we all hug and smoosh him as much as we can, how he’s starting to grab and try to eat everything, especially paper.

I have been feeling very viscerally lately how incredibly lucky it is, just to have these two people here with us.  How incredible and unusual it is, if you think of all of human history, to have a child live to the age of five, and to have a healthy, happy baby also.

Blessings on your weekend, friends.

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    Adrie,Both of your angels are beautiful,and you are truely BLESSED.You do remind me to look around and remember I am too,actually overly blessed.Enjoy every minute,I am missing my kids being little,they grew up too fast!!!!Blessings your way,love,Hol

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    Dear Adrie, I am having fun getting caught up here. :) The farm is so beautiful, all of it- so much inspiration!
    I so, so love age 5. So much unfolding and spark- my 5 year old has been changing and growing right before our very eyes. Losing body fat and getting long and lean, learning so many things. We’ll be doing “kindy” with him this year, and he is very much ready to work on letters and reading, though he is only 5 yet. I’d love to talk with you about your plans for Ella! I seem to remember you saying you’re doing this as well.
    We are the same for birthdays. Keeping it simple keeps it so much more meaningful- focusing on that child wholly. We don’t do large parties, keep it just us for that reason. Anyhow I’m getting ready for my baby to turn 2 next month!
    Now I’m about to email you~
    Love, Mel

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    Oh my goodness, look at the two of them. What a gorgeous family you have.

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    What lovely pictures of your little ones. They do grow so fast, don’t they? I appreciate you reminding me to do a gratitude list, so wonderful.

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