Gratitude Friday


Last night, after the little ones were sleeping, we talked about how we’ve been working nonstop and we’re pretty exhausted, but we’re grateful. Grateful to have a healthy family, grateful to be here on this good piece of earth, grateful for the work. Ben said, “If we didn’t have all this work to do, we’d be bored. And we’d make up work for ourselves to do.” And he’s right. If the animals weren’t breaking through their fence, if the stones didn’t need to be moved from the fields, if the bread didn’t need to be made and the floors mopped, we would be finding something else to busy our hands. So I’m grateful for this good work we have chosen, and which has chosen us.

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    Adrie,Your right,I am grateful for all my diapers,thankful for my parents who switched to cloth diapers for me,thankful for Ash and Jay being done college,FINALLY,and thankful for Joe who is a great other 1/2!!!Very thankful for our amazing earth,our 16 acres keeps us in veggies!!!!Life is good!!!!p.s. great friends too!!!!!!!

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    Adrie, so beautifully said. I feel the same way, and have been thinking similar thoughts lately too. :)

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    Oh my, I love the idea of this post. You are so right, if we were not so busy with what we are doing now with the work that we chosen to take on, we would make it up with work somewhere else. So much to think about here, thank you.

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