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I spend most of my days in the kitchen, both at Wheatberry and at home. I thought it would be fun to share a bit of what I’ve been up to.


After wanting to make it for years (seriously), I finally made Anadama bread last weekend. And was totally bummed that I waited so long, because Anadama is delicious! I made it with Nothstine Dent corn and spelt from our 2011 grain share, and the two loaves quickly disappeared. (I used the recipe from Laurel’s Kitchen Bread Book.)


I’ve got my usual midsummer must-knit-and-can-food urges.  I canned a small batch of pickles last week (adapted a recipe from my favorite Preserving with Honey), plus froze sweet corn, dill, and shelled peas.  We made some fresh cucumber pickles at Wheatberry, too.  Not too shabby a start, and hopefully this weekend I’ll make dilly beans.  Anyone have a favorite recipe?

(Speaking of must-knit urges, a big box arrived today – 9 1/2 pounds yarn spun from our own sheeps wool!  I’m in heaven.)

We just finished (and loved) our fish share with the Cape Cod Fish Share, and we’re taking a break but will do it again in the fall.  We had the freshest lobster and scallops ever, and got to try fun things like spiny dogfish.



And at Wheatberry, we made a batch of garlic scape pesto, put it into the Chase Hill Grill sandwich and a goat cheese sandwich, added it to the farm plate . . . and very quickly had to make lots and lots more scape pesto, because our customers are going crazy for it!  There are few things I love as much as sharing the joy of seasonal treats like this.

Hoping you and yours are having fun in the kitchen, too – blessings on your week.

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    Wow, this all looks amazing, and it made me very hungry :). Right now all I want it garlic scape pesto on yummy bread.

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    Amy F.

    Hi Adrie,

    It was nice to meet you briefly in your shop the other day, and talk Ben’s ear off about composting efforts at local fairs. The Canning and knitting urge has hit on this end as well. Glad to be in good company.

    9 1/2 pounds of your own sheep’s wool yarn, wow!! I am salivating just at the thought.

    I just combed through my books yesterday for a green bean preserving recipe, without avail. I finally just steamed some and stuck them in the refrigerated brine with my dill pickles–I’m looking to eat ‘em now, so what the heck. If my CSA share abundance keeps up, then I’ll try actually canning some!

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    Dear Adrie, it all looks so delicious! I can’t believe you have cukes already- ours are really struggling (an encounter with striped beetles. . .). IN fact we’re thinking we need to plant more, for a September crop of pickles.
    So exciting about your yarn!!!
    Hugs, Mel

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    Your photos are awesome! …and that loaf looks delectable. :)

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