The Master I Serve

I can’t get this photo out of my head.


Doesn’t she look amazing?  This Texas grandma is one of seven who locked themselves to trucks trying to build the Keystone XL pipeline on private homeowner’s properties in Texas.  I’m not sure how they did it, but they locked themselves so effectively that it took them five hours to dismantle the truck in order to arrest and remove the protesters, shutting down construction for the entire day.

I saw this photo this morning, via Tar Sands Blockade’s Facebook feed, and at first my heart was so heavy with it – wishing I could be there myself, wishing no one had to be there stopping this insane project.  But it stayed with me, tugging at me, and I kept wondering, why do I keep thinking about this?  What should I be doing?

And soon enough, it came to me.  Which master am I serving?  Whose work am I really doing?

These past six months have been a whirlwind for me, personally.  New baby, a business that needed lots of my time and attention, other family members with lots of needs . . . it was a time to roll up my sleeves, dive in, and do whatever needed to be done to get us through.  But now, I feel the times shifting, the crisis passing, and while there is still a lot of ongoing work to do, I was reminded today to step back and remember that my work is not just the customers I serve at Wheatberry, the nourishing local food and grain shares we provide, or even just my family.

I Belong to the Earth, and you do, too.  I work for her, first and foremost, and when I forget that, that’s when trouble begins.  It’s very easy to get lost in our own small tunnels and problems, and to forget the big Work.  I was so grateful today for the reminder, because without the larger purpose, our work can feel like drudgery.  The kids are just getting in the way of our business work, the business takes up too much family time, the farm isn’t productive enough, oh my goodness the dirty dishes, etc etc . . . But when I remember that I am here to work in Love, to be a light and a beacon, then it doesn’t feel like work, and I can rejoice in it.  It reminded me, also, how powerful each one of us can be, if we choose to.  We often feel powerless, I think, so we don’t take any action because it seems insignificant.  And yet, each customer who comes to our business makes a big difference for us, and each person who stands up against Tar Sands, fracking, nuclear plants, etc . . . each person is just the same as Rosa Parks or Mahatma Gandhi.  Just people, trying to do what is right, trying to do the good work.

Hoping you do, too.  (I’m starting with a donation to Tar Sands Blockade – their bail was $1000 for each person.  Perhaps you can donate too, and you could call the White House and tell them Canadian companies are not allowed to seize private American land.)

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    this is amazing, Adrie- thank you for sharing the photo, and your heartfelt words! And yes, every person counts, no matter how small it seems. My children and I were just discussing this idea the other day.

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    Yes, yes, yes. This is so well said and made me teary with how true it is for me too. Thank you.

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    Just to let you know there is a huge movement to hold up this project in Canada too. Many ordinary citizens are using the democratic process here to delay and hopefully defeat this project. You are part of a web, so many of us little lights. We seem far apart but from above we encircle the earth.

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    Thank you Emmalina! It is comforting to know how many of us are working, from so many sides.
    With blessings,

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    Thank you Taisa!

  6. 6

    Thank you Melanie!

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    As always, when I have time to sit down and connect with your words, I am deeply moved, challenged and touched at the same time. I’ve just shared one of your posts on de-cluttering and simplifying with my like-minded sister-in-law and niece and read through many of your posts.

    As I’m sure I’ve written before, reading your blog is like sharing a bit of time with a dear close friend. Thank you for sharing in this space and putting it all out there.

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