The Closest We Got

Every day lately I’ve been waking up energized, thinking, “Aha – today I will clean the house, answer those urgent emails, organize at the bakery, etc etc . . .”  Today, I had big plans to finally get some holiday spirit going here at our house – a Christmas tree, and gathering some greens around the neighborhood.

Well, the closest the kids and I got was listening to holiday music while driving to search for my lost clipboard (containing vital shipping information), and going to pick up a staff member who was, luckily, excited to come up to the farm and help us repair some fencing so our horse and sheep would stop visiting the neighbors’ front lawns.  I’m deeply grateful, for all those who help us with all that we do, for a sunny day and a chance for my children to play on pile of logs, for a delicious homecooked dinner shared together.  Grateful for this earthly, immediate, grounding work, which keeps me from getting swept up int he consumer madness and the crafting frenzies.  The decorations, the clean house, the to-do list will happen . . . or they won’t.  Either way, I’m trying to keep my head up this December, remembering to Take Joy, remembering to sing.

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    Holly Malinowski

    Adrie,Hang in there,remember every new day is a chance enjoy the kids and maybe get a little something done,all chores will be there when we get there,I promise!!!I am doing the same and going on that rule right now,my house feels like a bomb,the kids are nuts,haven’t finished 1/2 my xmas presents,cookies aren’t made,but we cuddles a sick baby yesterday,read literally 23 stories and wrote santa letters,I did good!!!!Its the small things that matter!!!!Remember the kids won’t remember what mom got done,as much as mom was there for hugs and love always!!!You are an amazing mom,remember that too!!!!HUGS,HUGS Hang in!!Love and Blessings!!!xoxoxoxoxoxo

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    Thanks Holly! And thank you for your kind words on Sunday – it really helped me so much to know that you still get mystified by these amazing, challenging little angels in our lives. :)

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