Keeping It Simple


I’m thinking about ways to keep this holiday season simple. When I look back at my own childhood, what do I remember most as being truly special? Here’s the short list I made – yours might look quite different:

Beautiful music & singing (I was in a choir for many years)

Beautiful decorations & the smell of evergreens

Feasting and special foods

The excitement of waking up to surprises on Christmas morning

Funny, isn’t it, how we can make something so simple become so complicated? I’ve been pondering a lot what this season is really about – what all the celebrations that happen around the Solstice are really trying to “say.” I think many of us today feel heartbroken and overwhelmed by the news (actually, I think many of us feel that way a lot of the time). I’m taking it as a sharp reminder that this is meant to be a season of gratitude, not a season of wanting.

That people have, for many many generations, come together to welcome back the Sun, to share our bounty, count our blessings, and get ready to make it through more dark days before the Spring finally arrives. That our best protection, our best armor, as Pema Chodron says, is actually Patience. Patience (and gratitude, in my opinion) doesn’t keep the world out to “protect” us, but rather, it strengthens us and gives us the courage to go anywhere, walk into any fire, with an open heart.

I know I personally need a lot of practice and a lot of reminders to work on my own anger, to work on strengthening my patience and my gratitude. I’m picking up my gratitude journal habit again, as one step. We’re starting our mornings here by cutting out yellow stars, writing something we’re thankful for on them, and taping them in the window.  I like looking up and seeing them there, growing in number, quietly gathering.

Wishing you some peace in your heart tonight, that you may pass it on to others.

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    Holly Malinowski

    Adrie,Sounds perfect!!!I am trying to do the same,we have decided if we do give gifts they are to be made by hand.If you can’t make anything,time spent together!!!Keeping it simple is wonderful!!!Blessings and Lovexo

  2. 2

    so beautiful…
    was just talking tonight about this exact thing – thanks for sharing your wisdom and beauty

  3. 3

    Thanks Corrine!

  4. 4

    Thanks Holly- Great ideas!

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