Storing My Grain Share

Oh, happy day that we bring home locally grown, organic whole grains and dried beans to our kitchen. This is one of our favorite days of the year, and I wanted to show you today what it looks like to bring home our share.
We start with two bushel baskets filled with paper bags of grains and beans.

I bring them into our kitchen, and get out my now-empty jars from last year’s share.  We use glass jars to store our share – our favorites are these large ones from Anchor Hocking, but we also have a few miscellaneous ones we’ve collected over the years.  For the smallest pieces of the share, we just use mason jars, with the lids not tightly screwed on at first.

Using a canning jar funnel, I pour the jewel-like grains and beans into their new homes.

As the jars are filled, I move them to the counter.  We prefer to display our jars right there on the countertop, next to our mill.  They’re beautiful, and when we see them, we use them!

What doesn’t fit on this counter, goes on the counter on the opposite side of the kitchen.  We have an average-sized kitchen, but we don’t have lots of appliances on the counters, so there’s plenty of room for grain :)  A few smaller jars go into my cabinet, which has no doors, so I still see them and enjoy them.

How do you store your beautiful dry goods?

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    We store our grains in the Freezer, apparently you have never had grain moths hatch out the grains. Not pretty!

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