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I’ll be honest with you, friends – moving into GAPS Intro was not easy for me, although I thought it would be.  The baby and I had already been grain-free, egg-free, bean-free, and dairy-free for three months, but I still had some trouble those first rocky days.  Mostly, I think I caused my own trouble by jumping in without preparing.  Since then, I’ve read (and loved) The GAPS Guide, and I wholeheartedly agree with her recommendations on easing yourself in.  So, if you’re thinking about GAPS, get the guide, and be gentle with yourself and your expectations!

It’s been two weeks now, and we’ve moved right along, from Stage 2 to Stage 4.  We’re still eating lots of soups and stews and broth, but also: crispy almonds (delicious!), little “muffins” made from ground crispy almonds, butternut squash, and flax seed (instead of egg).  We’re also eating roasted/pan-fried meats, instead of only stewed/boiled, lacto-fermented vegetables, olive oil . . . Exciting times!

I love drinking broth with my meals.  Even if we’ve moved on next winter, I’m going to try and remember this, because it’s so hard to drink cold water in the winter, and wonderful to drink broth!  Drinking water with my meal is a hard, life-long habit to break, but the broth is so delicious, and my body does feel better with it.

I love eating so many soups!  I know, I loved soup before, but these past two weeks have taken it to a whole ‘nother level.  Plus, having lots of soup in the fridge makes breakfast and lunch so easy.  What’s on the menu?  Warm up some soup!  We especially like this Carrot-Celeriac Soup.

I love the reminder to stretch my culinary horizons.  I know, I’m a food nut, but this has been a good challenge.  In many ways, our meals these days are simpler than ever, but I’m trying new recipes and thinking about food in different ways.  Like, can I make pancakes with no grains, no dairy, and no eggs?  Hmmm . . .

I love that GAPS is pushing me to do the right things, like soak nuts before eating them.  I’ve known vaguely for years that it made them more digestible, but was always too lazy to do it!  Hello, motivation.

I love that with each food that gets added back into my diet, I get the excitement of eating it again.  Hello, old friend, nice to eat you again, my aren’t you delicious.  I love that I feel more connected with my body, and with what it does and doesn’t want.

Onward, friends!  And I promise not to obsess about GAPS in every post – thanks for humoring me.


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    I hope you do keep talking about it!! Its wonderful to hear how its going- we have been easing into it and it is taking a while to convince my husband to give up “his food”. Ive seen such results even with what we are doing and i am excited to do intro. i keep holding off worried about how we will do it while away (we plan to visit family in the spring) and then we plan to move early summer– all things that tend to lead to slipping on the program. Im inspired to see you jumping in and maybe I should too!!
    I would love to hear about the muffins and pancakes… my eggless ones were a flop and my daughter who is very egg sensitive keeps asking when she can have muffins again!! (its hard when your 3 to have grains and anything bread like taken away!!!)

    thank you again,

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    I am really enjoying hearing about this, too. To tell you the truth, when you first posted about it, I shook my head in amazement–I knew that I would never be taking such a path. Amazing what happens in a few weeks! Since then we have moved quickly into gluten free living (also something I swore I’d never “succumb” to the trend of), and are looking at a grain free period. I’m not sure what’s ahead, but it feels good to be on the path of healing through food. Also, Cora’s kindergarten teacher is a GAPS certified nutritionist, and doing classes on it, and that is an amazing resource for us. Anyways, I’d love to hear more about your favorite meals, recipes, snacks, menus, reflections.

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    Thanks so much Kelsey! And good luck on your own journey – it’s so encouraging to share ideas and tips. Feel free to email me arbreadrie (@)

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