Last weekend, we journeyed to DC to join the Forward on Climate Rally.  We were there – four among 50,000 – that’s no typo – Fifty Thousand.  What can I say about this?  We packed a suitcase of clothes and a suitcase full of organic food, and the kids were mostly great on the long train rides.  It was bitterly cold – colder than I was prepared for, and Ella was soon miserable and crying.  I took her into the middle of the crowd, hoping it would be warmer, but even amidst the drums and the hooting happy folks, it was super cold.  We heard Bill McKibben and Van Jones speak, and when the helicopters circled overhead we all held up our signs and shouted louder.  After about an hour, I had to take the little ones back to the hotel to thaw, and Ben stayed, along with so many others.  They marched around the White House and then came back for more speakers and music, but Ben said there were so many people that there was hardly room to walk.

It was amazing to hear people like Michael Brune from the Sierra Club, who reminded us that in the last 10 years, over 300 existing or proposed coal power plants have been shut down.  It was depressing to come home and find out that while my child was crying in the bitter cold to stand up for Clean Energy, Obama was golfing in Florida with Big Oil Executives.  Promises to break our fossil fuel addiction?  Honestly, I don’t care what Obama’s agenda is – as I’ve said before, it’s the Will of the People that counts.

We came home and continue to move forward.  This year, we are working to put up solar panels not only at our home but also at our business.  There are incredible rebates in MA (and many other states) right now – take advantage!  Have you heard that Spain now gets 100% of their electricity from wind?  Just imagine – if instead of trying to clear cut ancient forest and dig up tar sands, then building a giant pipe to mix those tar sands with clean water and pump them all the way to Texas – instead of that, if we built windmills and solar panels all along that route . . . It’s hard to believe the alternative isn’t even being considered.  And yes, we’ll go again, as many times as it takes.  Next time, I hope 1 million of us show up.

We’re hoping to join the week of action in solidarity with the Tar Sands Blockade -  the folks who are physically trying to stop the Pipeline – even thought it has not yet been approved, Transcanada is already seizing private homes and land (yes, you heard me right) and building in Texas.

And on the simpler, smaller homefront, I needed to do something with my hands when we got back, so I worked on my patchwork quilt.  Just cutting strips from scrap fabric, trying to make something beautiful and useful from what was otherwise discarded.  Maybe that seems totally unrelated, but to me, it made good sense.

Blessings on your week, friends, and thanks for all you do.

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    I can’t recall how I stumbled upon your weblog but I’m glad I did. Thank you for fighting for us all.

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    Thanks so much!

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    Yes and Yes. We were so heartened to hear of the turnout there from up here where the battle also rages. It is inspiring to think of so many people joining in this fight. I saw a talk recently where they compared the many NGOs and active citizens as the earth’s immune system. This image has really stayed with me.

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    Love that image, thanks for sharing!

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