Knitting & Reading – Fair Isle & Bebe

Happy Spring Everyone!
I’m about halfway through the fiar isle chest band on Ben’s raglan now. The fair isle is slower going, certainly, but so beautiful that I think it’s worth it. Dreaming now of making a fair isle vest for the little man, perhaps.  I’m trying to remembering that I knit for enjoyment and creative expression, not out of necessity – so I should choose projects that I really enjoy, not just “quick” ones.
“Reading” (on audiobook) Bringing Up Bebe, after enjoying French Kids Eat Everything so much. A different author, but similiarly a very interesting cultural comparison. Really, really wish I’d known about “le pause” before having my two babies wake up every two hours to nurse for, um, years. I definitely recommend it, if only as a welcome antidote to the status quo in America.  Ella likes listening with me, even though that wasn’t my original idea, and her interpretation of the book is hilarious.  She picks up the french and the accent very quickly, and the other day she was chastising the baby in a French accent when he tried to pull something off a grocery shelf, “Non, we do not do that.”

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    Happy Spring to you Adrie – I love that you are stretching yourself with knitting and learning new parenting philosophies.

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    Happy Spring to you, too! A good time for stretching, indeed :)

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    the fair isle band looks lovely. <3

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    Adrie,Absolutely beautiful,I am sure Ben will love it!!!!Just ordered some new yarn,can’t wait to get started!!!HUG:)

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    Adrie, I just spent a lovely bit of time reading through some of your posts. Do you know how inspiring you are? I feel so encouraged in my quiet little ways and in all the work that goes into home and food and loving well. Thank you. I loved what you said too about knitting for pleasure. That just resonated for me, something I’ve been wrestling internally. Thank you again. Your work is just beautiful.

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    Hah, I actually DID read that book before having by girl (who is 7 months now) but I didn’t end up using “le pause” :) As a new mom it’s just soooooo hard to “pause” when your baby is crying. Of course, now, at 7 months, I can distinguish between “crying” and just plain “fussing”– I really wish I would have been able to do that at first, and recognized that she wasn’t necessarily “crying” just because she was making noise. She definitely still wakes up every 2ish hours! Le sigh.

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    My knitting lady made me a sweater when I was a senior in high school 1980. It is in my cedar chest not fitting me 33 years later, but I love it and wouldn’t part with it. I really really like yours. I’m thinking chocolate might have to be my next vest/sweater knit…

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    Kimberlie Ott

    What gorgeous work, just beautiful! Aren’t books amazing! I am loving your book list! :) I wish I would have known they existed before my kids grew up, sigh, maybe info for the grandbabes! :) thanks~

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    Thanks so much! Lol, I wish I had read them 6 years ago myself, but oh well, we find them when we’re ready, right?

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    Thanks so much! Chocolate is a nice color, indeed :) And nice to nibble while you knit . . .

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    Oh my, I laughed so hard when I read “le sigh” – thank you! I totally hear you, it’s very hard, especially as a first time mom! If you have another, maybe you’ll be ready, who knows? And certainly it’s just good to hear some ideas from another perspective, even if you don’t use them yourself :)
    Blessings on you and your little one!

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    Thank you thank you so much! I’m emailing you right now . . .

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    Thanks Holly!

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    Thanks so much!

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    Hello! I’ve just discovered your blog through the “Get Real” series, from over on Our Ash Grove. I’m really enjoying your blog so far!
    I’m a fellow mama of three (12 yrs, 10yrs, and 14 months) working hard to cultivate a homegrown and handmade life… A simplified life… Which is sometimes anything but simple! Ha! I so appreciate what you said in your Making Dinner post about comparing ourselves to each other and always assuming everyone else is doing it better. I more often then not fall into this mind trap. So, thank you for pointing it out and your honesty! I needed that!
    I’m excited to have found your blog, and to keep coming back.
    I’m curious… What’s “le pause”?

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    Thanks for saying hello, and glad you’re enjoying it! Well, you should really read Bringing Up Bebe for the full explanation – put simply, le pause is a way of observing your baby’s sleep and letting them settle back to sleep (not the same as Ferberizing) so that they sleep through the night, starting very early (2 or 3 mos!). I really recommend reading the full thing, for so many reasons :)

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    Hi Adrie,

    I read both books and loved them as much as you did. Although I too do not agree with everything, there are so many good aspects of the French approach to parenting and food that we have added into our philosophy. The other day, we were visiting with some French friends for afternoon gouter and my daughter was the only child there. She ate at the table nicely and then played imaginary games outside by herself while we talked. One of our friends (French) was commenting on our daughter’s behavior and was trying to express herself – she asked, “what’s the English word for sage?” Sage! She was calling my daughter sage. It was fun to get what she was talking about without translation.

    I’ve been recommending these books to all my friends.


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