Thank goodness Friday is here at last!  What a tumultuous couple of weeks this has been, with so much terrible news between the Monsanto Protection Act passing and Keystone still looming over our heads.

On the other hand, over 1 Million Americans wrote public comments asking the President to vote against Keystone – THANK YOU!

The days have been sunny with cool breezes,meaning we’ve had our first dinners outside.  Wheatberry has been bursting with wonderful customers loving the true food we serve them.  I’m grateful for our small part and the good work we do.  Grateful to watch my daughter sew flowers on a felt May crown for her cousin’s birthday present, and to see her each time she takes her brother’s hand to start a game with him.  Grateful for a beautiful post like this one from Ginny.  Grateful for the beautiful cabinet Ben made to use at Wheatberry (and grateful, yes, that our house is no longer covered in sawdust – for the moment, at least).  Grateful that we’ve found another farm where our horse Cole will be moving, a place he’ll get to work and be with other horses, too.  Grateful for some free menu planning inspiration from Holistic Squid, since I can’t seem to come up with any good ideas for dinner these days!  The veggies we saved from last summer have all been eaten up, we’re totally sick of roots, and only salad greens are available locally so far.  Asparagus, we’re dreaming of you.  Please come soon.

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