Now We Are Six & A Pyramid Cake


Now she is six.  We celebrated over the weekend at a local pond with a few friends, which was simple and lovely.  I brought a big bag of popcorn, asked everyone to bring water bottles, and we brought a cake.  At first, she wanted a castle cake, but she’s obsessed with ancient Egypt, so at the last minute, we changed it to a pyramid.  We ground fresh corn and wheat from our grain share and made a simple yeasted sheet pan cake, cut out squares, and stacked them with frosting between.  (Our frosting was simply whipped butter, lemon zest, and maple syrup.)  We added a layer of strawberry “mummies” between the two bottom layers, also.  Ella decorated the outside with dried fruit. It was quite a hit.

I finished her Phoebe sweater, except for sewing in the ends and I haven’t even ordered buttons yet!  The teepee is not done.  She didn’t notice, of course, with all the other hoopla, and to my surprise, I don’t feel guilty about it – they’ll be done soon enough, and loved plenty in the months to come.

Looking back on old photos, I can see how much she’s truly lost her chubby cheeks, her baby fat.  She’s tall and thin, and as passionate and charming as ever.  Six feels like a big year, a big change, and I’m excited for it.  She has her first wiggly tooth!  She can jumprope (even backwards), weave on a lap loom, finger knit like a champ, leap from rock to rock, and I’m sure this summer will find her swimming like a fish.  Amazing changes, and a blessing to have her with us.

Have a great week, friends.  I’m not here much these days, because I’m usually at the cafe, working on the new summer menu (Arugula Tartine, swiss chard and herb soup, and other fun things), and training new staff.  Did I tell you I started a Pinterest board?  Indeed I did.

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    Oh! Happy, happy birthday! She is really looking so much like her real self, isn’t she? Yes at 6 they begin to lose that baby-ness.

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    Thank you Melanie!

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