The New Breakfast Chef


There’s a new breakfast chef in our house – Ella.  She’s been very interested in cooking and baking with us lately, although often this ends up with her trying to make dinner, while I’m already in the midst of making dinner.  As part of a general change of climate around here, I’m looking for more ways for the children to help out and take on responsibility – so Ella is graduating from setting the table and unloading silverware from the dishwasher, to breakfast chef.  The really awesome thing about this is that when I told her, she was thrilled.  I let her make what she likes (she knows that something like ice cream isn’t even an option), and so far she’s served a lot of fruit, yogurt, and granola.  Which is totally fine.  She knows how to cook eggs very well, and I’m thinking I’ll do one breakfast a week where I teach her how to make something new, like oatmeal or yeasted pancakes with freshly milled flour (a fav around here). Plus, there’s the rest of the day to balance it all out, even if she tries to serve just raisins.

The best part is that while she’s putting breakfast together, I have a few moments to tidy the kitchen, do some morning yoga, sit down and read a book (gasp!), or start a load of laundry.  In other words, I love this new part of our day.  I moved some dishes down to a cabinet that she and little brother can reach, so she can really do it all.  And after dinner the other night, I set a fifteen minutes timer (yes, I stole that idea from Flylady – I love the 15 minute timer) and told the children it was clean up time until the timer went off.  I let Ella choose washing dishes or wiping down the table, and Gabriel loves to vacuum.  All of this makes me feel more sane, and I think it’s so, so great for them, to help out more.

Hope you’re having a great week.  We’re doing a house swap in Montreal soon – so exciting! – so if you have any recommendations, I’d love to hear them.


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    SO AWESOME!!! I just made a rule last night that everyone, in addition to washing their own plates, cups, silverware, has to stay and help with all the dinner cleanup until it’s done, everyone washing a few extra dishes and putting some things away, so it’s not just me. And it worked so smooth tonight! I don’t know why I didn’t think of it before : ) I like the 15 min timer idea, too. I may try that also.
    Also, Ella can come over here to make breakfast any time! My kids at 11 and almost 14 make their own b’fast, but we’ve never tried making it for everyone, that’s great…

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    Re: Montreal

    The Biodome (A must!! Penguins!!!)

    The Insectarium

    (somewhere around those two there is a butterfly garden too)

    The Botanical Gardens

    So fun. We were just there last month – it never gets old – a wonderful city :) have fun!

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    I used to live in montreal. I loved going to marche jean talon. The old port is nice too, there used to be a playground right by the water, with big swings. I would avoid going along st catherine, its mostly stores and dives.

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