Yarn Along

Joining Ginny for Yarn Along:

I’m packing for Montreal – the most important things first. Knitting, and reading. Usualyl I pack lots of food, but since we’re house swapping, we’ll have a kitchen there, plus tons of farmers markets to visit and explore. I cast on a Bulle for Ella – so sweet, and I love the different colored pockets! I’m also bringing needles, pattern, and yarn for a baby tshirt vest for the little one.
I just finished reading Alice Waters & Chez Panisse, which I loved. Our business is so aligned with Waters that you might think I’m a devoted follower, but honestly I’d never read any of their cookbooks, although we have surely been indirectly influenced.  I defintely want a bunch of their cookbooks now.  The story of their restaurant, and her passion, is really wonderful and also crazy, which gives me comfort.  I’m taking along The Art of Being a Woman, Ralph Nader’s Seventeen Solutions, and Auberge of the Flowering Hearth.


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    Have a wonderful trip – I was just suggesting to my husband that we should start a homesteading/farming house swap – so that we would know our animals would be well cared for when we went away for a weekend and we would save money while still getting to experience a new area.

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    Thank you – and yes, you should totally do it!~ We used Love Home Swap :)

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