(in the children’s room, previously)

When we returned from Montreal, I thought it would be a nice restful transition to rearrange our entire house.  Ha!

I’m joking about the restful part, but we really did rearrange, inspired by our time away.  At home, we had the parents bedroom and the childrens’ bedroom upstairs, with kitchen, living room, craft room, and office/drum room downstairs.  In Montreal, I noticed that in the apartment where we stayed, where everything was on one floor, the children would easily flow in and out of going to play in their room and coming in where I was working in the kitchen, or tidying in the living room, and back again.  I didn’t think about it too much until we came home, and suddenly, they were always underfoot – because their room, and a lot of their books and toys, were all the way upstairs.  The little one is too little to go up and down by himself, and the big one, even though she’s plenty big enough, has never liked to be on a different floor from us.

After one day of this, I said to Ben, I think we need to move their bedroom downstairs.  And so we did.  I moved the drums into the craft room (and gave them a much-needed wipe down and cleaning).  I moved the desk and speakers and printer out, vacuumed and mopped.  Together we moved the beds down, and a dresser, and their shelves, and hung up some temporary quilt-curtains just in time for bed.  The little ones were quite excited about their new space, and today, even though we still have to set the office back up and finish moving all their clothes downstairs, today we got the payoff.  They woke up and came to the bottom of the stairs to call for me, Ella made breakfast, and then . . . oh blissfully, then, they ran off to play while I cleaned up and got started on making dough for pitas.

The change feels very appropriate for this time in our life as a family – upstairs is for the parents now, and downstairs there is plenty of room to live and play together.

Wishing you a happy week, friends, and glad to be home again.

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