Getting Ready for School

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(Joining Ginny from Small Things for Yarn Along)

I’ve been very quiet here lately, mostly because my days are pretty full with working at the cafe.  When I’m not there, I’m chasing our very exuberant toddler around, whose new tricks include climbing the stairs when he thinks I’m not looking, and standing up on chairs, trying to jump off of them.  This bag travels with me everywhere these days – getting ready to teach first grade!  It feels like a very big deal, and also, totally fun and not a big deal at all.  Funny, huh?  I’m using (and loving) the Christopherus Curriculm, plus supplemental books, and using Pinterest a lot to gather and find ideas and images.  I bought a big chalkboard the other day, and somehow that made it feel very official.  Ella is about to lose her two front teeth (her two adult teeth have starting coming in behind them already), and learned to really swim underwater this summer.  We’re ready.

For a few weeks, I was making progress on Ella’s Bulle - likely I’ll be able to work on it again when I’m home doing school with the little ones.  I’m most nervous about how to channel Gabriel’s energy during school (we’ll do main lesson while he’s napping, thank heavens!).

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I think I’m ready to give up on the garden for the rest of the year – the hornworms have arrived, and the squash bugs decimated my pumpkin plants.  We’ve planted new greens, carrots, and beets in the side garden at the cafe, but I think I’m done at home.  Soon, we’ll turn over the soil in the hoophouse, spread a lot of compost, and plant some oats and peas for a green manure.  A lot of the soil in there is clay, and Ben thinks it’s really nutrient hungry so we’re trying to keep up with feeding it!  We did get our first crop of peaches from the new trees – heavenly, and even enough to make four little jars of preserves.  Let’s just call it lucky, and plenty.  Have a great week, friends.


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    Adrie,Your post sounds so similar to my life,kids are almost ready for school,I am getting readyfor the preschool curriculum,and the 2 new babies,one who is going to have major physical challenges.My garden looks like something out of a bad movie,full of weeds bigger than the plants and the BUGS!!!So save what we can and Joe will clean it out this weekend and spread compost etc for spring tilling.I do have the most wonderful crop of apples I have ever had,so applesauce canning will be on the list for next weekend too!!!!Have canned more for this winter than ever before though,so am so ready for summer to be OVER!!!!!! I LOVE FALL!!!!!Miss ya,HUGS xo

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    Hooray! We are getting ready for first grade also! HUGS

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    I am also planning a waldorf curriculum this year for my K, 3, and 7th graders – the two highschool boys have chosen a more traditional path with hands on work.

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