Love What You Love


(Ok, so I just wrote this whole post, and then lost it.  Let’s try again.)

I guess you could say this is my mantra these days – Love what you love.  I really mean it.  I’ve been realizing this year how much time I spend doing things I think I should do, instead of what I really love doing, or want to do.  Don’t get me wrong – I’m blessed with work that I deeply love, and a family and homelife I love, too.  But very often, in the little pieces of the day, I do some cleaning (because I think I should) instead of sewing, or I do some sewing (because I think I should) when really I think it would be fun to scrub down the bathroom.  Sometimes it really does appeal, you know.  Do you see what I mean?  These past few months, I’ve been trying to notice this habit in myself, and gently but firmly make myself do what I actually want to do.  Like reading books, resting, sometimes sewing or knitting, sometimes deep cleaning.  I’ve been trying to make my workaholic, obssesive, doomsday monkey mind take some breaks.  It’s interesting to see how everything does balance out, if we give it a chance.


I spent a lot of days this summer sewing this quilt, just for 15 minutes or so in the mornings, before I left for work at the cafe.  Amazing how those minutes add up – tonight I’m sewing the top pieces together, and then I just have to learn how to put it all together.  I plan to tie it, not quilt it.  It’s certainly not perfect, but I like it, and luckily, my plan was to make something pretty and useful, not something perfect.  How refreshing.


I finally got the canning urge.  I used to think that canning had to be an all-day extravaganza to be worth it, but these days I just do a few jars, here and there, some of them the “essentials” I know we’d be sad without (like lots of canned tomatoes), some to save what we have (peach preserves!), and some just for fun – fermented salsa, pickled fennel.  I will share the best tip ever with you – use masking tape for labels, not the official labels.  It *actually* peels off.


And I’ve been enjoying planning for our homeschooling year, which starts next week.  I am hoping to share a lot of what we do here, but it will also be taking a lot of my time and energy, so we’ll see!  A few things I can say – we’ll be doing lessons three days a week, and I’ll be working at the cafe two days a week.  One of those days the children will be home with their dad, and Ella has made it very clear that she is hoping for some advanced pastry lessons on her Daddy Days.  With me, we’ll be starting out gently the first two weeks – playing some games, working with form drawing straight lines and curves (partly this is a preparation for forming letters), and doing handwork – we start the year by washing a carding a wool fleece.  How handy that I haven’t yet washed and sent to the mill our two ewes’ fleeces from last spring!  We’ll also be establishing the rhythm of our days at home, which I’ve started already, and we’ll be learning new songs and verses for our Circle Time.  I think this is the part I feel most challenged by, currently – engaging the munchkins in songs and verses can be tremendously fun and joyful, but it can also be really hard or just plain failure!  For now, I’m just trying to keep it simple, use some things we already know and love and some new ones for fun.

I’m grateful that the season is starting to turn – summer is not my best time, and I’m glad for cool winds and earlier sunsets.

Blessings on your week, friends.  Love what you love.

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    thank you for these good words and many blessings as you begin your new season!

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    Such good advice! I’ve been realizing lately just how little time I spend doing the things I really love – it gets lost in the housework and whatnot. But I find that a really motivated hour on the cleaning accomplishes so much more than a half-hearted day! And I’m happier when I’m taking time for some crafting. Last night I started darning a sweater that’s been sitting in my mending pile since last winter, and went to bed so pleased to have finally made some progress.

    Another idea for labelling canning jars: I use a sharpie on the lid, which has to be discarded anyway. Now, if only I could figure out a good way of storing it all!

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    “It’s interesting to see how everything does balance out, if we give it a chance.”
    I’ve heard this before…
    But it’s hard to let go and trust everything will get done!!!

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    Dear Adrie, it is so easy to get into that cycle of “doing what you think you should do,” isn’t it? I am the same way- and when I get caught up in it I find myself feeling stressed.
    We also do canning bit by bit- last weekend I did fourteen quarts of tomatoes, and yesterday another 14. Those marathon days are just not possible for us any longer!
    Summer is not my best time either. I begin energized, with the sun and warmth- but as the summer goes by I begin to feel drained, with the heat, work, and lack of structure! I am anxious for cooler fall weather, to get into our usual routine.

  5. 5

    The quilt top is lovely! Such cheerful fabrics…what color ties do you plan? Blue? If I remember correctly, some folks use that cotton crocheting “twine” and i think it comes in several colors…

    Love you!

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    Such good advice!
    I found myself up making salsa last night for the fun of it. Just one batch here and there does add up and tonight i feel inspired to try a little something else. a little jam and a little knitting to end my day sounds lovely!!
    i would love to hear about your homeschool. My 4yr old is asking to start already (ahhh im not ready for this!!) thinking about buying some waldorf curriculum and playing with circle time and a planned activity or craft several mornings a week. dont want to do school yet but dont want to ignore the enthusiasm either!
    So fun and so scary i thought i had more time!!

    best wishes,

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