September Circle Time


I wanted to share our beginning circle time, since I appreciate so much the other homeschoolers who share theirs.  Blessings on your week, friends.

September Circle Time:

(start by lighting a candle)

Opening Verse (parent/teacher recites:)

The Sun with loving light

Makes bright for me each day

The soul with spirit power

gives strength unto my limbs

In sunlight shining bright

I reverence O God

The strength of humankind

Which thou so graciously

Has planted in my soul

That I with all my might

May love to work and learn

From thee comes light and strength

To thee rise love and thanks


(Seasonal Song – tune can be found in Autumn Wynstones)

Yellow the Bracken, Golden the Sheaves

Rosy the Apples, Crimson the Leaves

Mist on the Hillside, Clouds grey and white

Autumn good morning, Summer good night!


Clapping Game :

Pease Porridge Hot

Pease Porridge Cold

Pease Porridge in the pot

Nine Days Old

Some like it hot

Some like it cold

Some like it in the pot

Nine Days Old

While Jumping Rope or Hula Hooping:

Round and round the earth is turning,

turning always round to morning,

then turning round to night.

A Game of Hide & Seek

Stomping Poem:

Brave and True

Will I Be

Each Good Deed

Sets Me Free!

Standing Up Seasonal Poem:

It’s golden in the garden

It’s golden in the glen

It’s golden golden golden

September’s here again!

Seasonal Song:

The Autumn wind blows open the gate

St. Mich-a-el for you we wait

We welcome you, show us the way

With joy we greet this Autumn Day!

Good Morning! Good Morning!

Good Morning! Good Morning!

Closing Verse (While snuffing candle):

Hear and listen, listen and hear,

Now the lesson time draws near!

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    So glad you shared–I love the golden in the garden one, which is new to me!

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