Last Week, We . . .

wildgrapesPicked some wild grapes and made three wee little jars of jam.  More than we’ve made before.


washingfleeceWashed a lot of wool outside in a tub, with some Dr. Bronner’s Sal Suds (that’s just what I have around, you can use almost any mild soap).  Amazing to see the fleece whiten up.  Gabriel spent his time holding the hose, and Ella sudsed up a ball of wool over and over.


Listened as this sweet baby boy added so many words to his world.  These past weeks have been big leaps for him, including putting two words together, and just learning so many all together!  Last week was mostly sunny, but with large storms almost every day  – a good description for the weather outside, and inside, lol.  It seems to be that time of year when everything is changing.  Every year I get a little more used to it, a little less freaked out, but it’s still challenging, I will admit.


wetpaintingWet on wet watercolor.  Some folks think that little ones shouldn’t be painting yet, or that the first grader should have time to paint in a totally quiet, sacred space.  Obviously I disagree a bit – painting is beloved by both my children.  (Taking the shot of them painting together was one of those moments where you photograph a lovely scene, and as soon as the shutter *clicks*, then suddenly all hell breaks loose.)





Hopscotch.  We used the verse above as a centering verse before starting our form drawing lessons this week.  We made some roving angels in handwork, and hung the above the children’s bed.  And I made these portfolios to hold Ella’s paintings and drawings.  I got the idea from her Kindergarten teacher last year – it’s just posterboard folded over, hole-punched on the sides, and Ella helped sew them up.


And there’s the rhythm of our day.  Today we start on letters, more painting, and braided roving.  Also, I just wanted to mention that I just joined Melisa Neilsen’s Thinking Feeling Willing program – I used to be in her Beacon program and am quite happy to be under her wing again, so to speak.  Blessings on your week, friends.


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  1. 1

    I love that verse! Where is it from? Thanks, Sarah

  2. 2

    I got it from our Christopherus 1st grade curriculum, but I think it’s a commonly used Waldorf verse for 1st graders :)

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