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(Joining Ginny for Yarn Along today)

I have the excellent problem right now that I am reading a lot of really good books. Awakening Shakti, by Sally Kempton, is a really fascinating look at the stories of the Hindu goddesses (which I know basically nothing about), and about tapping into those stories and those goddesses as archetypes of different aspects of our own selves and different energies.  I looked it up after reading an excerpt from it in Yoga Journal, and I’m really enjoying it, but taking it slowly.

I recently read Proof of Heaven, which was pretty wild – a neurosurgeon who goes into a very severe coma for seven days and then makes a full recovery, and feels called to share his experience of life beyond this one.  I found the description of his experience sort of disturbing, but the discussion of reality and consciousness, from a skeptic scientist, is very interesting.

I’m slowly, but with great pleasure, reading Difficult Children – There Is No Such Thing.  This comes out of the Waldorf/anthroposophy tradition.  It reminds me of Simplicity Parenting, but deeper.  There’s no “how-to” here, just a lot of really thought-provoking, deep pondering about our culture and our children.

Ella and I are reading lots of woolly/sheepy books, including favorites like Charlie Needs a Cloak, and Farmer Brown Shears His Sheep.  We’re moving into apple books and dragon books now, as fall is really upon us and Michaelmas is near.  The Apple-Pip Princess is one of my all-time favorite children’s books, ever.  If you’ve read it, I’m sure you know why I almost cry every time I read it – it’s a magical story of a princess who heals her kingdom by restoring the farmland.  Cue me tearing up.

The little knitting project pictured is a vest for the baby-man.  I used the Bulle pattern I’m making Ella as a starting point, but just cast off at the sleeve separation, and knit straight down instead of doing any shaping.  I’m only a few stitches away from finishing it – just in time for the chilly winds that are starting.

Blessings on your week, friends.  What are you reading and/or knitting?


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    I enjoy your reading lists- I have read several books that you have suggested and have really liked them! It is always fun to read something you might not have discovered on your own. I am reading Happiness, by former scientist Buddhist monk Matthieu Ricard and my kids have two great books on mammoths: Wild and Woolly Mammoths, by Aliki and When Mammoths Walked the Earth, by Caroline Arnold. Keep the suggestions coming and happy reading!

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    Thanks for sharing! :)

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    I will have to add these books to my library request list. I’ve read Simplicity Parenting – the Difficult Children title sounds very good. I remember the Yoga Journal excerpt but haven’t actually read Awakening Shakti as a book yet; now I’ll have to!

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    Thanks Melonie – enjoy!

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