For friends who are also feeling grateful these days, too. For finally getting to canning some applesauce – it’s been three years since it last happened in my kitchen. Grateful, especially, for beautiful organic apples from a local orchard, spared by the spring frosts this year. Grateful to be feeling more and more like my better self, and less overwhelmed by, well, everything. Grateful to have decided to keep Christmas super, super simple. Grateful for the wild food share we picked up today – so many unknown goodies inside. Grateful for cozy fires on chilly days, and for all the small ways we are slowly fixing up this fixer-upper of ours.
In the mornings, while we eat breakfast, I’ve taken out my little notebook and asked Ella to make a gratitude list with me. I think it might be a new November tradition. We told the story of St Martin this week and she wanted me to retell it each day during circle time – quite taken with him. She gathered a box of toys she doesn’t need anymore to give away, and dressed herself up with a red fabric cloak. The sort of superhero we need more of – I confess that telling the story often brings tears to my own eyes, and I feel privileged to bring it to her. She desperately needed new mittens this winter – they may, or may not, be finished by Monday night, but I hope to light lanterns and take an early evening walk, singing our newly learned St Martin song. Gathering our lights close to our hearts for the dark days ahead – each year, I am so grateful for this holidays, each one just when we need it.
Blessings on your weekend, friends.

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    Wishing you warmth and light! Happy Martinmas!

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    THank you, you too!

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