A Big Sweater.



Well folks, I finished Ben’s raglan at last.  The brown wool is from a fleece I got when I was a teenager, helping my mom out at Middleton Plantation in Charleston (where I grew up), and finally sent off to the mill to be spun when we sent off fleeces from our own sheep.  The white wool is from our ewes. It took almost two years to knit, and I estimate it’s about the size of four children’s sweaters.

I love this pattern – so simple and easy to make your own.  Ben chose the Fair Isle pattern he wanted – he originally wanted a white sweater made all from our girls’ yarn, but I just couldn’t knit a white sweater – so we compromised with the Fair Isle band.  I think it’s rather lovely.  Even better – it actually *fits* and he loves it, too.  Which was the idea, after all.

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    Awesome! I love that feeling when something big is finished!

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    Adrie, It’s so beautiful!!!

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    Thank you!!! :) Can’t believe I left the crock pot – whoops! I’ll bring you jars and get it soon, I promise.

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    Thank you so much melanie! I told you our husband sweaters were remarkably similar :)

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    THanks Mom – yes, it was needed!

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    Beautiful! Great job!!

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    Great work!

  9. 9

    Thanks! :)

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    The only thing more beautiful than that sweater is the guy wearing it. xoxo

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    Thanks Jo :) We should all get together sometime soon!

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