This Week,


we have to:
ship about 10,000 pounds of grain to Waltham.
Get ourselves (and children) to Waltham safe and sound.
Help our CSA members scoop their bags full of grains and take it home happily.
Get ourselves safely back home.

Keep your fingers crossed for us. (At least distribution isn’t in my living room this year, right?)

In the background, after finishing Ben’s sweater at last, I cast on a Julissa for myself.  I realized that it’s one of the first things I’ve made in a long time purely because I think it’s beautiful, instead of choosing a pattern because it seems easy and fast.

Oh, and we’re potty training the little man, which is going well so far.  A big week, it seems.  Once all this is done, we do another distribution in Amherst, and then, we breathe.  And think about Christmas, and the little one’s birthday, and all that.

Oh yes, all of that, though my main plan is to keep it very, very simple.

Have a lovely week, friends.

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    wish I could be there to help you this week, but I know it will all come together…hugs to all!

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    Adrie,I sympathize,we are doing much the same ,running constantly.I need a break,hopefully once this week is over and yes next weekend I get my grain,I can breath again!!!Cant wait to see you next weekend though!!!!HUGSmHUGSmHUGS,and Blessings,Hol xo

  3. 3

    Hi Adrie,
    Will you email me your mailing address? my email is
    Sending you wishes for peace during your busy time.

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