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Right now, I’m feeling grateful that we’re doing our most simple holiday celebrations ever – and trying hard to stick to it.  (It’s hard not to get swept away by the fervor!)  Inspired partly by Ginny last year, we’re just doing stocking stuffers for the children.  They’ll get a few gifts from grandparents, and that is plenty.  We’ll have an extended family feast – and celebrate the little one’s 2nd birthday! – on Christmas Day, and that will be plenty.

Sure, we’ve been reading holiday books and at bedtime I’ve been singing Christmas songs – the songs are my favorite part.  But there’s no worrying about how many presents, no frenzied making of handmades.  I’ve finally started working on the baby doll again (after, ahem, two years) and it will be done soon, but probably not by Christmas morning.  In the past, I would’ve felt guilty about that, but this year I’m glad.  I do think Christmas/Solstice time is special, but I don’t want it to be the most special time of the whole year.  What about the first days of spring, and summer solstice, and harvest time?  I love them all.

I finished Ella’s thick new mittens before the big snows came . . .  and she doesn’t like them.  Ah well.  I just keep putting them on her, and hoping they’ll grow on her.  Both Ella and Gabriel have been excited by me hand sewing the baby doll, and have been doing some sewing (or “sewing” in G’s case) of their own.  Ella and I plan to sew some pockets onto the little one’s pants for his birthday present – he’s obsessed with pockets, and somehow most of his pants don’t have them.

Ella doesn’t seem to have noticed that Halloween is over – she is still completely obsessed with creating costumes, which change daily.  Mostly my answer to helping her make these costumes is “no” or “use what you have”, but one day she wanted to make a Native American dress, and I realized that I could sew a very simple one – just a rectangle with elastic at the top.  She painted a really wonderful pattern on it with fabric paints . . . and hasn’t worn it, saying she’s waiting for the poncho.  She plans to dress up as a witch for Christmas – how very apropos and very six.

I’m glad for a couple of weeks of break from homeschool – it felt a little formulaic toward the end, partly because we were so busy at work, and I’m hoping to enter the new year with fresh inspiration.  It’s time I finally learned some pentatonic songs on the recorder to show her and bring into our circle time.

And soon Gabriel will be two.  Two!  He is so big, and so very little.  So many words, including, “Mine” “Self” and “Babriel” for Gabriel.  He is sweet, and confident, and quite a ham who loves to make us laugh.  He calls cats “Meow-me” and muffins “Muff-me”.  He has stolen all of our hearts, even when he’s acting like a deranged toddler.  He is so insulted when I brush his teeth that he holds his breath until he turns blue.  He loves trucks, and cats, and most of all, his big sister.  He will often stand right next to her and copy her posture and gestures exactly, so that he is her little mirror.  Luckily for all of us, she mostly mirrors for him a lot of love.

Here’s hoping you have a beautiful and peaceful holiday, and blessings on your new year.

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    Sweet simplicity to you all!

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    Adrie,It sounds perfect!!!Mine is a little nuttier but not much.I am sick of the hustle and bustle and have almost been like a new mama nesting.Cooking,enjoying cleaning my house,making 90% of my gifts,many friends got fresh ground flour and cookies. Did want to know if you can grind beans in the flour mill???Will come and say Hi sometime after the holiday,I would like your phone number so I can call before I come,have a few treats for the kids.Have fun,enjoy every minute,they are little only once!!!HUGS,HUGS,and Blessings for a amazing holiday,Love,Hol

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    Dear Adrie, It has been nice taking a moment to catch up with you here. Yes! to celebrating the solstices, equinox, and other seasonal festivals of the year!

    Reading about your past funk and your gratitude I was reminded of part of some Rudolph Steiner writing that I put on my blog last month, he mentioned how an inner thankfulness for being in this world at all should ensoul all people.

    Oh, and happy birthday to little Gabriel! We are now a family with two December birthdays.
    Wishing you the peaceful holiday you are hoping for and a wonderful new year ahead!
    Warmly, Renee

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    Such a beautiful, funny and sweet post! I wish you happy holidays and a happy new year! Warmly, Sarah

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    Thank you Sarah! Happy Holidays and Happy New Year

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