Jan 17




These last weeks have been an excellent reminder, that if you’re having trouble feeling content with your normal life, the universe will happily supply a lot of chaos to help you remember. Highlights have included equipment breaking, a piece of our bedroom ceiling falling in in the middle of the night, a one-week construction project turning into three weeks, and various other mishaps. Oddly enough, I feel more grateful than I have in months, mostly because I’m forcing myself to find all those hidden-in-plain-sight wonders all around us. An intact, healthy family. The simple joy of making good food and sharing it with our community. A dinner eaten at home. A few moments to speak with a friend. Blessings.

Mostly, we’ve been together as a family at the cafe, working working working.  We built new beautiful benches and tables (lots of photos at our Facebook page).  We added some new sandwiches and drinks to the menu, with more on the way.  Ella has big plans to open her own line of healthy kid candies.  Today, I unloaded all the power tools from the trunk of the car, and customers are finally sitting at those new maple tables, eating.  Pretty lucky, I say.

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    Looks delish! And I can so see Ella as an entrepenuer!

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