February 8




maple walnut scones


I’m not exactly sure what to say about this past month. That we’ve been working lots, and sleeping little? That it’s been one of the most challenging years of my life, and we’re only in February?
Both of those are true. It’s also true that we’ve been working hard *together*, which is a blessing. It’s true that my inner workaholic Type A Maniac kind of likes work disasters, because at least the to-do list gets really clear. Work your butt off – check.  I’m working on a lot of new recipes that I’m excited about, and we’re adding a vegetable stand and grocery section, which we’re both excited about, too.  We started our first seeds of the year yesterday.
Life with a family is always a lot less clear than that. There were a few weeks lost in a blur of work, when I didn’t even think about homeschooling, except perhaps to think “Later.” We have slowly made our way back to some of it. After struggling to get Ella interested in (and understanding) math processes with the Christopherus squirrel story, I went to the often-used math gnomes, and she’s loving that. Phew. Officially, we’re taking a break from letters while we do this math block, but in truth she’s doing a lot of sounding words out and looking at letters in books, etc, which is really neat to see.
The little toddler is really becoming, well, a little toddler. He likes trucks and boots and is starting to really get into smashing things and grabbing things away from his big sister. Fun times. Hugs and kisses are no longer allowed, to my sadness.

Sometimes I do really well in times of crisis.  It gets easier to put my ego in the trunk, shut the door, and focus on the people around me and the work to be done.  But eventually, ego always gets out, usually hoppin mad to have been ignored.  It starts yelling and shouting, what about me me me me meeeeeeeee?  And sometimes I’m good at ignoring it, or at least recognizing it’s a lot of hot air, and sometimes I get sucked right in and I start yelling and flailing too, just as demented as a two year old myself.  Oh boy.

Here’s hoping your path has been a little smoother than mine has, lately.  And for those of you who have bought my poetry book – a huge thank you!  If you haven’t yet, I do have some giveaways coming up with some dear friends (want to host one?  Email me! :) )

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    Adrie, I won your book of poetry and the “LOVE” tea light… it came yesterday and my 4-yr-old granddaughter was here for the afternoon so we opened it together. She opened both tissue wrapped and red yarn tied packages and was entranced! She asked about the book and I told her it was poetry which I would read her on a cold snowy afternoon while we were drinking hot chocolate and sitting peacefully on the couch. When she opened the tea light she asked what it was and immediately turned to me, “Gramma, this is perfect for Mommy’s Valentine present. We can light it when Daddy makes dinner and it can be in the middle of our table.” Then she touched “The Salt” and asked about the picture – when I told her that sometimes people love nature and the outside so much that they just write poems. She thought about it and started to walk away when she said, “Gramma, can you write one of those outside poems on my paper and Daddy can read it to Mommy when we light the Love candle.” Needless to say, I will do that. Know that I have read the poems and LOVE them, absolutely LOVE them. I feel that I’ve not won a giveaway but been given a present, a beautiful present. Thank you so much for your part of it.

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    Adrie,I am sorry your life has been a struggle.I unfortunately can sympathize,Life here has been nuts,kids are having a blast but I am trying to hang in till March 1st when somethings will be set for my life path!!!Its tough trying to make believe everything is O.K when it isn’t. Remember it will get better,without all these bumps and curves I guess we wouldnt appreciate the sweet time????? Sending a huge hug,now to go make some pinto beans and rice for dinner,my favorite!!!!xo

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    At least in the end your wise self knows to start listening!
    Your bakery sounds, and looks from the little glimpses, like such a wonderful place, worth all the hard work I’m sure.
    Wishing you well as you try to find balance with it all, and hoping you have some calmer days ahead!
    Renee :)

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    Thank you SO much for your lovely words!! If you feel moved to leave a review on Amazon, I would be deeply grateful. I hope the poems continue to be a present for a long time to come.

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    Thanks Holly – Indeed, we need winter before the spring, right? Hoping that’s what’s coming for both of us.
    With love and hugs,

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    Thank you – hope you and yours are well.

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