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Grateful for yesterday – Another blizzard, another healing day at home. Except for the part where Ella didn’t want to do school, and instead of remaining calm, I got really frustrated. It happens. Partly, I think it’s time to set our math block aside and move back to writing. Partly, I need to chill out (as usual), and just calmly carry on and know that she’s absorbing a lot even if she doesn’t seem to be participating, and if it’s something she really needs to *do*, like writing numbers, then I just need to calmly insist that this is what we’re doing right now, and do as much as we can. Emphasis on the calm part.

Anyhow, the most fun part of my day was making these homemade pop tarts. I never ate pop tarts as a kid (thank you, Mom!), but I sure wanted to. Imagine my surprise that it’s ridiculously easy to make awesome ones at home. Leftover pie dough, jam (I used our wild grape jam from last fall), egg wash, crimped edges, and bo-yeow! Yummy simple goodness. I think we might make these at the cafe soon. (And how are you supped to spell bo-yeow? Anybody?)
I finally got the face on the doll finished around Christmas time, and now she even has hair! Someday I’ll make her clothes. Luckily both the children love her anyways – Gabriel started hugging her as soon as the body was sewn onto the head.  I’m glad that I stuck with it and finished her, but sort of annoyed at myself for thinking I had to make a doll in the first place.  Why do I always think I have to do everything?
I’m listening to, and really enjoying, Thich Nhat Hanh’s Living Without Stress or Fear Thay is so very very nice that I just want to give him a hug.  The children have been loving Little Bird’s ABC, which is a really funny version of an alphabet book.

Blessings on your weekend, friends, and Happy Valentine’s Day.

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    Boo-yah? from the marines? I did grow up with poptarts, and somethimes I crave one…guess I’ll wait to get one from the cafe!!!

    Happy V-day! Love you!

  2. 2

    Oh I am SO going to make those homemade “pop tarts!” We have grape jelly galore we canned last fall.
    I remember when I made my Ella her first waldorf doll. I hadn’t yet figured out the hair, and she carried it around lovingly for weeks with no hair. I love how sweet yours is looking!

  3. 3

    Adrie,Grape jelly sounds so good!!!!I have made them similar with strawberry jam I made and they didnt last long!!!Yours look so much better than mine did though!!!!HUGS,

  4. 4

    Hi Adrie,
    Thank byou for this reminder of simple “tarts” – with two children down with the flu it may be a treat enough to get them to eat a little something…
    Love the doll and I can relate about the homeschooling frustrations.
    Love, Tonya

  5. 5

    Thanks so much! Hope your little ones feel better-we had a round of it, too. Also, I would love to hear more about the changes your family is making – email me!

  6. 6

    Ohh, strawberry jam sounds awesome!

  7. 7

    Thank you! Hope you enjoy them :)

  8. 8

    Thanks Mom – promise we’ll make some next time you’re here.

  9. 9

    Homemade poptarts!? FRICKIN AWESOME! I got this cookbook with a recipe for them inside. Maybe I’ll try it. I’m not “good” at “cooking” but you make it look pretty easy.

  10. 10

    Lol, thanks Hil. If you ever make a pie crust, save the trimmings, and roll them out the next day, then pop jam inside. Done! Best of luck – Adrie

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