Big News

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Big News!!

Our family has some huge news to share – after ten years of running our beloved bakery/cafe, and also running our extremely successful grain CSA, we will be making a change and shifting all our energies into our ever growing CSA.  We will also be developing a new share (top secret but really exciting!), and offering more to our current grain share members, including Youtube cooking tutorial videos, workshops, and more.
We will be closing the cafe in Amherst in a few weeks – for now, we will continue to offer pastries, drinks, farmstand, and bulk section, but not breakfast or lunch.  We’ll be open shorter hours – from 10-2, Mon – Fri, and then we will close the cafe permanently.

Thank you so much to all of you who have come in and shared real food and community with us at our cafe.

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It’s been a tremendous pleasure to serve the Amherst community and we’ve loved it and learned so much.  We’re really delighted to continue serving many people with amazing local foods, and hope that you will keep in touch!  We’ll be sending out news through the mailing list, but also please take a moment to like our CSA page.
Also, we’d love it if you come by in our final days to say hello and share a final scone or croissant.  You can post your favorite memories or wishes on our Wheatberry Facebook page - we love hearing from you.  You can keep in touch with our family by following our personal blog Fields & Fire, and we’ll be sharing many of your favorite recipes in the coming years when we finish our book, Love Real Food!
With love,
Adrie, Ben, & kiddos

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(p.s.  Look who lost a front tooth last week!)

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    You sound so upbeat about all this change, but I imagine it’s bittersweet. You guys put your hearts and souls (and time and sweat and money and energy) into Wheatberry, and I feel sad to see it close. But being 5 months out of closing our own business, I can also say that it can be very liberating. We wish you so much love and success on the next ventures and adventures! xoxo Jo and Max and Elijah

  2. 2

    Thanks so much Jo – I know that you know as much as anyone!! We are really feeling liberated and excited to move forward, doing more & better shares! So much love to you all – now hopefully we’ll have time to see you before your big move.

  3. 3

    What news! I know it will be bittersweet, but it will all work out eventually! Love the toothless grin!

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    Adrie,I am sure this will be bittersweet,but do agree it is the best for your family,and that is MOST important!!!!I will miss going everyweekend for my treats and coffee.I am looking forward to the CSA share this next year already though,sounds so exciting!!!Wishing you the best of luck and if yu guys need anything,please call!!!!We are working on our stuff over here and doing better,life takes so much work sometimes!!!!hahaha!!!HUGS xo

  5. 5

    You guys are so brave! I can only imagine the worry about disappointing folks with the bakery closing, as you take this next step. Know that you have fans as far south as NC who are looking forward to hearing more about the new expanded CSA. Good luck!

  6. 6

    Just wanted to let you know your family will be in our thoughts and prayers – life is a journey and I am sure your new path will be filled with lots of joy!

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    I’m sure you will all be fine as you expand the CSA. Sounds like an excellent time to do it. It does indeed sound very exciting! Congratulations on making this decision. :)

  8. 8

    Melanie – Thanks so much! And I’m happy to say that some of our new offerings will be available to ship anywhere :)

  9. 9

    Thanks so much dear – look forward to offering you so much more with your share!

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