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A new sort of menu, for our new days here . . . we have our last week of open doors at the cafe, but with shorter hours so we are in between.  Realizing I have to get back in the groove of cooking three meals a day (and snacks).  Exciting, but a change for sure.



I really want to try these baked chocolate doughnuts.  With a few changed ingredients :)

Crispy almonds, recipe from Nourishing Traditions.

Homemade bread.  How funny, to move away from making giant batches of sourdough, to little home batches.  I’ve been missing our Seven Seed loaf- that’s what calls to me this week, but if I don’t have time for sourdough, I’ll probably make a simple whole wheat yeasted bread.

Deviled eggs.  Love.



(mostly, I want to have these made ahead and ready to go in the freezer or fridge)

Biscuits.  Oh, it’s been far too long since I’ve made biscuits.

Yeasted pancakes or sourdough pancakes.

Muffin cup quiches, such as these.



Polenta with vegetables and a fried egg on top, inspired by this one, using Plymouth corn from our grain share.

An abundance bowl, inspired by this one from Sarah – since really, spring veggies have not arrived here yet.

Big Comfy Sweet Potato, or maybe more traditional baked stuffed potatoes.  I’m definitely thinking bacon.

Homemade noodles and put together a simple lasagna, or rolled stuffed noodles, with spinach.

Roast chicken with tons of veggies roasted in the pan.  Salad on the side.

Honey Dill Roasted Beets – gotta find some new love for the beets we still have.

Thai Beef Salad, since we’re obsessed with Asian flavors these days.

* * *

Thank you for all your kind wishes on our journey.  We’re so grateful for the ten years we spent working on Wheatberry Bakery & Cafe, and all that we’ve learned.   And now, we’re so excited to jump ahead into doing even better for our grain share members, and adding some really incredible new shares (which we will be able to ship right to your door!), plus cooking videos, finishing our book, and more . . .  Stay tuned – kitchen painting begins tomorrow!


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    I was sorry to hear you had decided to close your bakery but happy that you found a solution that will make your life easier and hopefully more fullfilling! I enjoyed looking at the recipes you linked here, looks like there’s some yummy food in your near future!

  2. 2

    Thanks, yes lots of yummy stuff to share :)

  3. 3


    You might want to check out Edible Perspective if you haven’t already. Lots of amazing baked donut recipes there…with gluten free and vegan options. She’s got great recipes! Like these…

  4. 4

    Thanks Marie – I’ll look :)

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