Planting Seeds & Planning the Forest Garden


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Today was a good day to plant seeds.  I direct-seeded beets, collards, salsify (a first time for us), and planted some Black Jade corn in pots in the hoophouse to keep the crows off it.  I transplanted some beautiful lettuces and salad greens from their soil blocks into the soil in our hoophouse.  The last batch we transplanted got immediately killed by single-digit overnight temps (weeks ago), but this batch should be just fine.  Most greens like cool weather, so they’re the first plants we get going.  And it’s so luscious to have fresh greens after so many months of root veggies.  (To see a full planting schedule we use, check out this old post.)

I don’t know how well you can see it in the photos, but we laid down boards in the walkways this year.  No more weeding the pathways, woo!  Yes, they will eventually degrade, and we’ll replace them.  We also laid down cardboard outside the hoophouse, above the stone wall, and covered it with compost.  We’ll put strawberry plants there – so exciting.

Our tomato seedlings are getting bigger, but they’ll have to wait for the first week of June, which is also when we’ll plant our corn and beans outside, after all danger of overnight frosts have passed.  I finally finished my plan for our front yard forest garden/orchard, so I’m excited to share that with you soon.  We’ll definitely be adding more plants, especially encouraging some wild edibles (aka plants that grow super well without needing any tending!), but hopefully this year we’ll get at least a few trees in the ground.

Blessings on your weekend, friends.

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