Love What You Love: 2



Didn’t I do a post once about allowing ourselves to love what we love, to accept the ups and downs of our own energy and passions? I should really listen to myself more often.
I feel like I’m entering another level of this idea these days. It’s funny how sometimes we are so good at tricking ourselves, into thinking we don’t like something (or we do). It’s funny how every time I don’t have the energy/inspiration for housework, or cooking, or whatever, I start to immediately panic and try to buckle down, like Oh no, I’ll never want to do laundry again so I’d better just force myself to slog through it. And then a few days later, I’m happily loading the washer, humming.

If only I had let myself take a few days off from what I “had to do”, and saved a lot of struggle and frustration. As usual, I’m finding myself most out of sorts these days when I’m asking myself to do more than I can in a given situation, and then really overwhelmed by how much I’m asking myself to do. Perhaps I can start to ease up on myself.

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    Kimberlie Ott

    YES-YES-YES- You hit the bulls eye with this post………as a woman who makes many, many lists……..and strives constantly to fulfill each and every item on it, I know what you mean. And you, with young ones, it is so true that you need to ease up on yourself! If you only knew how wise you are. I love, love , love your blog! (Going to unload the laundry, hang it on the line, try to get the kitchen clean and catch up after a day away at work. Thank you for helping me see that breathing and letting a few of the to-dos go. Blessings to you from Oregon!

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    Kimberlie Ott

    *thank you for helping me see that breathing, and letting a few of the to-dos is the way to go…….(that is what I meant, hope you could decipher that!

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    Kimberlie Ott

    o.k. laughing now, sorry…….I messed that up again, …….letting a few of the to-dos go…… you can see I am tired too~~~ :) big grin!

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    Lol, I’m glad you liked it, Kimberlie :)

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    Adrie – I read this post and smiled – I’m so with you in the immediate panic and attempts to force myself back to contentment and inspiration. I’ve been in that place all week, and trying to remind myself that energy and confidence ebbs and flows (I’ve been here before), but not very convincingly… Thanks for the reminder and the smile – that clenched fist in my chest eased up a bit :) Take care ~Annie

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    It’s always nice to know we’re not alone :)

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