I’m starting to wake up to the fact that we’re in the aftershock stage of closing down our cafe.  At the very start, once we’d made that difficult decision, we were pretty euphoric.  At last, we thought, we’ll be able to do all the things we’ve been putting off!  And some of them we got to right away, including working fiendishly on new projects, renovating the house, etc.

But I guess one of those things that I should’ve put on my “to-do list” was resting.  Recovering.  Recuperating.

After our trip to Charleston, the children spent a week or two with some serious aftershocks from the travelling – Ella had terrible fears of fire suddenly (no, there weren’t any fire-related incidents on our trip), especially at night.  She was so scared she was physically ill, it was really intense, and so we all had a week or two of less sleep and no grown-up time.  Thankfully, she seems to have recovered and settled back in to our house (phew!).

Ben has almost finished our natural swimming pool/pond.  It’s amazing.  I’ve been told that I can’t post any photos of it yet, because he wants it to be a surprise for some guests at Ella’s birthday party this weekend (she’ll be 7!).  I think this has been his main recovery tool – doing something just because he wants to, something he’s created with his hands for the sheer pleasure and joy it will bring to our whole family for years to come.

For myself, I’ve been steadily plugging away tying up loose ends for the cafe, and working on the grain CSA, like putting in new milling stations around the Pioneer Valley.  But I’ve been going at a much slower pace than usual.  I’ve been reading a lot of books, not keeping an especially tidy house, letting Ben cook dinner, and generally being a lot lazier than usual.  I’m still excited to work on all our new big plans (and so is Ben, I know) . . . just not yet.  Right now, I think we’re all taking a big deep breath in, and enjoying the beauty of these first summery days.  Sometimes the Valley is so beautiful it hurts.

Blessings on your week, friends.

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    andrea slowick

    You guys are very brave to have started up the cafe and to know when it’s time to
    Move on. Enjoy your family and summer and all the new possibilities : )

  2. 2

    Thanks Andrea! <3

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