Yarn Along


Here’s what seems to happen every year – in late winter I’m knitting like a madwoman, in spring I have no interest in it whatsoever and start to wonder why I own all these skeins and needles, and right around the summer solstice I start knitting away. Funny how that goes.
I cast on a new sweater for Ella – picked out the pattern with her and got a shockingly pink yarn. If she doesn’t like it, maybe I’ll sell it on Etsy :)

My getting ready for winter urges extend to food, of course.  I’m starting to get the serious itch to preserve, dry, and ferment.  I’m mostly reading Wild Edible guides, like Backyard Foraging.

The children and I have thoroughly enjoyed reading The Midsummer Mouse, and also several books lately by Wong Herbert Yee, including Who Likes Rain?

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